The Risks Of Not Opting For A Double Glazing Warranty

Home renovation can be one of the most rewarding investments you can ever make – if things go according to plan. Otherwise, it just might become the biggest nightmare of your life. Even if the project is just a “simple” upgrade of your windows, things can turn out messy, not to mention incredibly costly, if the right processes and adequate precautions have not been set up.

Here’s an example: a home improvement project of adding double glazing to your windows offers several benefits to the look, energy efficiency and comfort level of your home. Go for the upgrade with the help of trusted and experienced tradesmen, and you’ll immediately enjoy lower heating and cooling costs, a more stable indoor temperature, and longer-lasting, more durable windows.

However, there’s always the possibility of the unexpected happening, altering the course and outcome of the project. Your contractor suddenly goes MIA. The job was completed, only for you to find out that the work was not done according to the usual quality standards. You realised that there are defects – who will pay for another round of renovations to correct them? Without a double glazing warranty, your home renovation project can lead to a huge waste of time and money, not to mention seemingly endless hassles and headaches for the household.

That’s why working with a contractor who offers a warranty is a smart investment. You’ll know that you’ll have backup, and you’ll be able to avoid the following risks:

  • Loss of money. Your warranty will protect you from the financial setback of an unfinished renovation job. Should the contractor become unavailable to complete the project due to any number of reasons, the deposit you paid can be reimbursed back to you.
  • Problems arising from substandard work. A double glazing warranty is proof of commitment to quality work. You can count on contractors working under a warranty to do their best work, follow the standard requirements and fulfill the plan to completion. If not, they’ll pay for it. You will be provided sufficient compensation for the inconveniences brought about by a poorly rendered job.
  • Premature damage and defects. If a double glazing job was low-quality, it can lead to damages and defects in just a short time. Without a warranty, you’ll have no choice but to shoulder the costs of rectifying the errors the contractor has made. On the other hand, the costs of repairing defects that happen within a certain number of years will be shouldered by the warranty.